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Specializing in Green Walls for Commercial and Residential Properties 

What We Do



We make pieces for restaurants, hospitals, large-scale moss walls, business logos, signage etc. Our pieces have been installed all over the US from the West to the East coast!


No job is too small! You dream it, we build it!

Our pieces are sure to bring botanical joy to any home!


Mission Statement


Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide the comfort and tranquility of nature using sustainably sourced and environmentally conscious materials. We work with local craftsmen and artisans to create works of art that bring nature home."



"Our new brewery here in San Diego has a strong tie to health and wellness, and after walking our space to understand our unique style, Colleen and Ryan committed to creating us the perfect custom piece. After installation, we have received many compliments, and all feel very strongly that this natural piece of art is not only a great branding statement- but also makes our customers feel happy and welcome when drinking with us!"- Andy Sist, New Motion Beverages 

"Brilliant! We ordered a piece for our oceanfront penthouse in Miami and it came out so much better than we could have ever envisioned! Elegant, on point, and incredible customer service!"- Melissa Butterworth CEO of Advanced Strategic Partners 

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