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About Us

Om Grown is a Veteran owned and female founded business, that provides biophilic design and conceptual art options that seamlessly bring nature into indoor spaces. We use naturally-sourced, preserved materials that are harvested by small farms in the United States. Our passion as a business sprouts from biophilic design. By using preserved materials such as varying types of moss, ferns, and flowers we create beautiful interior landscapes for commercial and residential spaces. 

Colleen Kennedy, founder and CEO of Om Grown, grew up with a passion for plants and exploring the outdoors. She always had a goal of connecting people back to nature. A proud Veteran of the United States Navy, Colleen now shares her excitement for nature by providing the beauty of the outdoors, indoors. Colleen is a graduate of Colorado State University and was voted "Entrepreneur" in NOCO Style Magazines, Top 30 Under 30 category. She also enjoys yoga, Crossfit, hiking, and a good taco Tuesday.


Watson, Chief Morale Officer, is a rescue pup from Texas. His background includes being a well-behaved boy, burying sticks, eating snow, and being extremely boopable. When asked to give a statement on his position here at Om Grown he replied, "I'd like to thank God (because it's just 'dog' spelled backwards, duh) and my parents for the opportunity to keep morale high. Be sure to boop my nose and scratch right behind my ears when you see me."  

Meet The Team





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